Kerstin Forsberg : Planeta Oceano pour protéger l’environnement littoral et maritime péruvien

KERSTIN FORSBERG a fondé Planeta Océano au Pérou.


Through Ocean Planet, Kerstin Forsberg is educating and empowering coastal communities to sustainably manage their marine environment while also becoming primary players in developing comprehensive and mutually beneficial collaboration with other organizations, businesses, and governments that operate in the ocean ecosystem.

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Kirsten a été élue « fellow » par l’organisation Ashoka en 2011

Proyecto Tortugas 1

Planeta Océano (Planet Ocean) is a non for profit organization that strongly works to conserve and restore coastal and marine environments, with special focus on Peru. We promote and develop research, environmental education & awareness and sustainable development initiatives; engaging stakeholder and community participation throughout all our efforts.

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