Chile – Caduzzi Salas proposes land-based productive alternatives with new and sustainable ways to interact with the sea

At a time when industrial-scale fishing and environmental degradation are reducing profits earned by traditional small-scale fishers, Caduzzi Salas is teaching coastal communities in Chile how to broaden their scope of income-generating activities by examining their habitat beyond the sea. With Caduzzi’s guidance, these ignored and increasingly marginalized communities are developing strategies to address both economic and social problems arising from their declining foothold in a fast-changing global economy. Acknowledging that these small fishing communities may never be able to compete with the emerging industry giants, Caduzzi is demonstrating that they can create solutions to their present economic difficulties stemming from declining fish populations by developing new methods for harnessing marine resources and turning towards the land for additional resources. This expanded knowledge of what resources are available, combined with the self-management skills which Caduzzi imparts, is allowing small fishing communities to work towards a more sustainable future.

His balanced use of traditional knowledge and new technology stems from his profound respect for and desire to learn from the skills and habits of traditional fishermen, and his recognition of the need to adapt to changing socio-economic and environmental conditions. Tapping into the strong tradition of solidarity in a trade that is otherwise characterized by individual efforts, Caduzzi works within existing structures such as fisherman unions and trade cooperatives to disseminate information, share experiences, expand local commerce and improve economic conditions for fishing communities. His efforts to work closely with the national legislature on public policy measures designed to promote the appropriate modification of the domestic small-producer fishing industry testify to Caduzzi’s comprehensive approach to sectoral reform.

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